Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Dr. Scholl's Active Series Insole Review -Influenster

Got some spiffy new insoles courtesy of Dr. Scholl's and Influenster.

SO...my first take, they look and feel like great quality!! 

The benefits (as listed on Dr. Scholl's website ) for the insoles
  • Triple Zone Protection
    • Ball of Foot
    • Arch Support
    • Heel
  • Helps Prevent Pain from shin splints, runner's knee, and plantar faciitis 
**It is recommended you replace your insoles every 6 months or at first signs of wear/age

And now for the after review!! I put them first in my daily kicks, the ones I walk around in.  Loved them.  Great arch support and the overall cushioning is great. Would recommend them for people on their feet for a great deal of the day. 

Next, my running kicks.  I wore them and just walked **you should never run at your normal pattern/speed/intensity when changing your footwear, this puts you at risk of injury** Just like changing your shoes, you should treat insoles the same and let your feet adjust prior to hitting your normal routine.  I think they worked great for walking and jogging, but I did notice some aching in my feet and calves after a few days of wear and attempting a short run.  I do want to note that I do wear specialized orthotic insoles for my high arches in my running shoes.  I believe that the Dr. Scholl's Active Series Insoles offer great support, but not enough for the mileage I run and with my very high arches and high metatarsal arch.

In summing it up, yes you should try these.  If you are getting into walking, stand a lot, or need extra arch or heel cushioning in your running shoes, I would recommend these.  If you are like me and run 15+ miles a week and have super high arches and metatarsal arches, I would suggest keeping with your current orthothotics! 

I will be keeping these in my non-running shoes that I wear for generalized daily activities and shorter duration athletic endeavors.  I think Dr. Scholl's has made great strides in offering the wanna be athletes a chance at up-ing our game, runs, strikes, whatever sport you do!

I want to close by thanking Influenster for sending these complimentary insoles to review.  I was not compensated further than the complimentary insoles and my review is my own and not persuaded by any factors other than personal use and experience with the product.

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