Friday, November 15, 2013

National Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day

A pic of our fridge today, pre-clean out
That's right!! Time to clean out your fridge!

Successful Steps for Refrigerator Clean Out:
  1. Clear off your counters (you are going to need the space!)
  2. Sanitize your sink then fill with warm soapy water
    1. Pour boiling water in sink and sides
    2. Use a steamer and steam clean your sink
    3. Bleach
  3. Grab your garbage can and recycle bins 
  4. Get extra bags if your trash and recycle are full
  5. Find your handy dandy cleaning supplies
  6. Take everything out and set them on the counter
  7. Vacuum crumbs and crusty bits from bins
  8. Remove trays and removable shelves and wash in sink, dry and return to fridge
  9. Wipe down walls and shelves/bins that are not removable
  10. Check dates on all products.
      1. Empty container and rinse if recyclable; otherwise trash it
      2. Compost biodegradable goods
      1. Wipe down if sticky and return to fridge.
  • I like to take note of what products I am tossing out, especially if near full, so that I can try not to buy those things in the future.
    •  For us that usually is the weird mustard or horseradish my husband "HAD TO HAVE" or that good for you protein blend that taste like mud! 
  • Also note what products could have been portioned out and frozen so that in the future you can do so and have less wasted product/produce
    • Cheese is a great example of things you can portion out and freeze as well as many fresh veggies

For your freezer do the same as fridge, be sure to completely empty out your ice bin too as even ice can get an unpleasant 'staleness' to it!  There will probably be less to toss but be sure to look for signs of freezer burn.  Freezer burn can occur quicker with several variables:
  1. Open products will be exposed to air which dries them out and oxidizes them (aka-freezer burn)
  2. Products that have stayed past their 'prime' freezer times
  3. A freezer that cannot maintain a consistant temperature can bring on freezer burn
    • Hot dogs/ Lunch Meats/ Bacon/ Sausage---- 1-2 months
    • Ground Meats---- 3-4 months
    • Fresh non-ground  Beef/ Chicken/ Turkey/ Pork/ Veal---- 6-12 months
    • Soups/ Stews/ Left Overs/ Pizza---- 2-3 months
    • Frozen Vegetables---- 8-12 months
** Please note these are suggested times and vary on packaging and proper sealing and freezer operation**


I felt pretty good!! Only 4 bottled items tossed/recycled, 2 tortillas, and 6 raspberries met their fate today!!

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