Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Meaningful Beauty Review

I received Créme de Serum from Meaningful Beauty courtesy of Influenster to try and review.

Initial Impressions...
I don't think I received a full size sample, but I will say a little goes a long way so I anticipate this to last me one month.  The scent is very light and almost non-existent and I found the faint scent to be pleasant. It goes on almost like liquid silk! It is sooo smooth! Below are my usage findings.  (To clarify, I am not changing any of my routine, still using same products as before just adding this in to my morning routine.)

After one week: I noticed that my skin is less dry. It has been extremely cold and usually I find my face getting sooooo unbearably dry during this time of year, but I have found that it does quite well!!  I can barely tell that I have used any product from the bottle and I quickly learned that a whole pump was too much for me.

After two weeks: Still noticing great moisturizing effects, but not noticing any difference in the appearance of fine lines and little wrinkles.

After three weeks: Still loving the moisturizing effects. With the harsh winter air and arid house from the heat, my skin still feels very soft and that is awesome!! No winter skin here (Well on my face anyways!! My poor hands are SUFFERING!!)  I am not noticing any improvement as far as skin tightening or reduction of fine lines or wrinkles. Still hoping but for the cost, this is a great winter facial lotion!! I will keep you all posted!

One month: Still raving about the moisturizing effects but the anti-aging is non-apparent.

My overall impressions...

  I also want to note I wrote the company asking if parabens and phthalates were in the product and they wrote me a VERY, VERY vague email that left me only to assume they do.  So for me, it containing chemicals I try to avoid and not seeing even minimal anti-aging...I will continue my search for the all-in-one moisturizer/anti-aging product without those chemicals in tow. If you are less cautious about those ingredients I think this is an amazing moisturizer... pretty awesome, however, I would use this in tandem with a better anti-aging serum for maximum benefits.  But to buy this and buy a separate anti-aging product is a bit out of my beauty budget (hey I have a coffee addiction I'd rather spend money on LOL).  I do think it is worth a try if you are not anti-paraben and phthalate

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