Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Keurig 2.0 K450 and K550 Review

I have had the opportunity to try both the Keurig 2.0 K450 and K550. Both have the ability to use the Kcup (but only NEWLY labeled Kcups without hacks) and/or a carafe that brews approximately 4- 8oz cups in a carafe. Both have a color touch screen, programmable clocks, and water reservoirs. They both have options to brew Hot Cocoa or to brew 'strong' (a design taken from the Keurig Vue).

-K450                                     -K550
70 oz water reservoir                largest reservoir at 80oz
color touch display                    larger color touch display
9 brew sizes                             10 brew sizes
single light color                        several color display lights and a night light option
with hacks, hot water                hot water on demand

Honestly I have an older, no longer made Keurig Platinum that I truly adored, but I did feel limited in that I could not select the strength of the brew or brew more than one 'serving' at a time. This Keurig fits that bill perfectly.

The drawbacks are the newly integrated scanning system that detects if the Keurig Kcup is the newer models (noted by a white ring around the foil seal with imprints of the Keurig name logo and a mini coffee cup). This was done to limit off brands who do not pay royalties to the Keurig company from being used. That meant for me that the older Kcups I have sitting around will not work, nor will my 'fill my own' cups.  Luckily thanks to Google and YouTube I found hacks that not only allow me to brew whatever I want from my old Kcups to my fill myself cups, but also brought on a secret menu screen that allows me to choose 6 different brew capabilities.  I imagine these will later be unlocked by Keurig with future types of Kcups not readily made/available yet.

I feel bad going around the system, but most of my Kcups (minus my fill my own) are companies that pay royalties, just they were made prior to the new seals.

To sum it up. With the 'hacks' in place, YES I would recommend this system and love the K550 due to several more capabilities and larger water reservoir. Without the hacks I would really have to consider the hefty price tag and limited Kcup brands and flavors.

I suggest scoping out the Keurig website and peering through the newly labeled coffee Kcups to see if the unhacked version would work for you. 

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