Tuesday, November 18, 2014

What is Influenster?

I have had several people ask me what exactly Influenster is...

Influenster is a company that seeks out social media active persons to try out new products and give honest opinions.

The only catch is... you need to take surveys, which are no biggie. In fact, they are what helps Influenster know more about your interests, hobbies, passion, lifestyle, etc... so they can better match you with products you actually WANT to try!!!

Here is a link to a past Influenster Vox Box I received to review and try!

I am an on the go, active person. Influenster knows this and so every product they sent, was one I actually was excited to try!!!

There are other benefits to being an "influenster" too!!
  • Special offers called VoxPerks where insiders can get special offers for goods or services
  • an Influenster App that makes being an influenster a breeze
  • The Hub is a great place to stay up to date on all the latest and greatest from fashion to entertainment
  • Ability to promote products you like, or caution others from trying HA HA!
If you are interested message me below and I can send you a link via email to learn more!

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