Friday, March 25, 2011

Trashy people

Recycling is a pain.  I never realized how difficult most places make it.  We were blessed with simple curbside recycling for so long that it never crossed my mind how much we truly, truly trash.

We lived in a temporary rental situation for 3 months where recycling didn't exist and the nearest facility was 40 minutes away, so we opted to temporarily stop recycling.  WOW the loads of trash we threw out tripled, YES tripled. I was astonished how much stuff we 'trash' that is recyclable since we just by habit always did it.  It made me wonder how many landfills could have been avoided if more people recycled. It also angered me that more counties/cities don't offer recycling or 'trashcycling'.  A realtor was explaining to me the cost savings that areas would have by offering 'trashcycling' over recycling.

To answer any potential questions, trashcycling is simply throwing everything out, in one bag.  Then the collectors take it as normal, but instead of being dumped into a landfill or incinerated, it goes to a sorting facility with shakers, magnets, human sorters, etc...that separate trash and recyclables. Most counties/cities who do trashcycling benefit from selling scrap metal and aluminum so they break even or at times profit from trashcycling.

WHY DON'T MORE PLACES OFFER THIS...and HOW CAN I GET THIS STARTED?!?  I am so taking a step out and heading to the next county meeting to find out why they aren't doing this!  I hope if you have curbside you realize just how fortunate you are and if you don't keep taking it to your local recycling center...perhaps if you live near me we will meet at the sorting bins until the glorious day where recycling becomes an easily doable option for everyone

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