Monday, June 27, 2011

Marathon Monday (on a Wednesday) & Simple smoothie

Sorry about the delay in posts this week...After a few requests for one, I have a new option button at the bottom of each blog post where you can print the post out.  The button will open up a new window (or tab) and have a print friendly version of that page you can print or save to your computer as a pdf file!!!  Thanks a bunch for your readership!!!!

Here is an update on the half marathon training.  A few weeks ago I started experiencing knee pain on the inside of my right leg.  So I rested and took Advil.  I tried to run a week later and at the 3 mile mark it started again.  Took a few more days off and decided to have my husband watch me run on the treadmill.  He saw right away I was running with my knees hitting each other.

So off to a sports medicine doctor to make sure nothing was torn, ripped, broken and got the 'all clear'. I had my running gait analyzed by a physical therapist.

HOW EYE OPENING!  I would highly recommend you have this done if you want to begin training for running or are having issues with pain.  We discovered that my right leg was turning inward and then flipping around.  The physical therapist was at first baffled why it was just my right leg, but I knew exactly why.  I have been running 12-15 miles a week on a bike lane that has a step drainage drop-off, so my right leg is always "uphill" compared to my left.  In essence I had trained my right leg to compensate for the slope and work harder to get my foot over the slope so my knee was having strain being forced inward with every step.

I now have new insoles for slight overpronation and I am going with the flow of traffic (which I loathe and I am terrified of being hit) but I was able to run 6.7 miles yesterday pretty pain free which felt awesome.

So back onto training as usual this week and I hope that my long run this week will get back to 8 miles and resume increasing the distance by 10% each week following.

I wasn't happy about spending 2 days in a sports med office and paying 2 co-pays but it is looking like it may have been well worth it since I have found a new love in running.

Still looking for the ideal method of staying hydrated, the waist pack was a no go.  I am leaning towards a small hydro-back pack but am waiting since I was told they are going to go on sale soon.

Being a newbie to running I appreciate any tips, tricks, advice and hope that I can inspire at least one other to get out there and run!

After run snack recipe:

I use a bullet blender (no I do not typically buy into infomercials but we have been suckered into buying a 'Bullet Blender' and a set of knives but honestly they have been both well worth every dime and then some and so far the blender is 5 years old, the knives 8 almost 9...makes me wonder if more infomercial stuff is worth it...nah)

I digress....

  • 1 single serve yogurt (any kind/brand will work-dairy, soy, greek, flavored, fat free, etc...)
  • 1/2 cup to 1 cup fresh fruit (can be just one or mixed fruits-fresh or frozen)
  • 1/4 cup V-8 fruit juice
  1. Place all ingredients in the bullet cup, blender, or food processor
  2. Mix.
  3. Pour into a glass
  4. Add a big straw, preferably one that is big and brightly colored- it is way more fun
It is one of my daughter's favorite snacks and my favorite post run cool down snack.

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