Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Make Christmas Green!!!

Merry Christmas from the Lilly's to you!

Since we are T-minus FOUR days and counting (yes guys & gals, better wrap up that shopping-pun intended!)...

I wanted to remind you and hopefully learn some new ways of keeping Christmas green.

  1. Recycle wrapping paper
    1. no I don't mean grandma style and save each piece to reuse HA HA
  2. Keep the bows and ribbons to reuse
  3. fold flat shirt boxes and reuse for your next shirt-box sized gift or recycle the ones that just can't be salvaged
  4. If you give out gift baskets, ask the recipients if they will gift it back to you to refill for next year if they do not plan on reusing/re-purposing it
  5. Any toys, gift you just won't use that you can't return, donate to a local charity.
  6. Any unopened non-perishable foods you didn't serve (those extra green beans or cranberry sauce) donate to your local food bank.
    1. and please rinse and recycle all opened jars, milk cartons, and cans
    2. Also don't forget to compost your table scraps
    3. Send home leftovers with each guest so less are wasted due to spoilage
  7. If you used a real tree, see if there are pickups from companies that reuse the trees (usually to make mulch or fertilizer)
  8. Even your cards can be recycle, not re-giving frugal mcdougal, either recycle them or re-purpose them.  I am starting a new tradition of scrapbooking the cards into a holiday wreath to display each year, especially since so many people go out of their way to create such beautiful and thoughtful Christmas cards with photos
SO what ways do you and your family "keep it green" and merry?!?!

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