Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Needing a charity re-do

We took cookies to our local fire department for Thanksgiving.  They offered to let Lorelei sit in the fire truck WITH the lights on, she decided to be shy and absolutely say and do nothing other than try to hide under me.

Today she announced that she wanted to go back.  Being Christmas, why not.  These men and women volunteer their time away from friends and family to keep and protect our lives.  I also want to do something for our local sheriff's department too.

It seems it is this time of year, so many groups and individuals that deserve a 'thank you' pop into mind.  I want to make it an annual household tradition to give and give abundantly.  I often forget that 'give' doesn't always mean -shell out huge sums of money- but it can be as simple and inexpensive as a simple in person thank you, a note card, a batch of cookies, a visit.

We did our third annual household Operation Christmas Child boxes through Samaritan's Purse.  Each year I really look forward to finding things to put in there.  It breaks my heart that children out in this world get so excited to receive soap, toothbrushes, wash clothes, socks, things I tend to take for granted most of the year, but am reminded while packing how blessed we are to have those luxuries, YES luxuries.  I haven't earned them, don't deserve them, and no one owes them to me.

As I get older I have noticed that I really wouldn't care if nothing bought was under the tree for me.  I truly enjoy more imparting a smile on someone else's face. Perhaps I am finally grasping the fringes on the meaning of Christmas.  Afterall, how can you out-gift the greatest gift ever given in a Savior?!?!  I so hope that in making giving to others a tradition that maybe my children will be spared of the 'entitlement' disease that makes Christmas all about "me" and less about others.  I want them to 'get' Christmas way before I did.

What are ways you and your family remember to thank others and appreciate them with your time, talent, or treasures?

We here are always looking for new ideas to add on to our giving traditions...

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