Friday, April 6, 2012

Race Results...News...Running Gear Recommendations

I finished the 10K and I want to again thank all those that sponsored me with donations for the VCU Massey Cancer Center.  You all were an amazing part of my motivation and determination on that cold, rainy morning!

I had planned on a time a bit above 1 hour but came in at 55 mins, it was an amazing race with loads of street side supporters bantering inspiration and waving signs with inspiring messages.  I think the cancer survivors in training tent was the one that most inspired me to pick up my pace, what strength and fortitude they had to be brave and courageous in their fight against the cancers they are facing.

I suppose I was so inspired that I enough gusto (or stupidity) to sign up for my first marathon.  I so want that 26.2 sticker and am determined to earn it this year!

I am in need of finding better insoles for my shoes as they are SHOT and my feet and shins are starting to feel it!  I am looking forward to updating you on my marathon training progress and the race is in November, so here we go!!!

If you are in need of running or fitness supplies I HIGHLY recommend Road Runner Sports, they are amazing!

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