Friday, March 22, 2013

Influenster Sugar 'n Spice Voxbox

INFLUENSTER Sugar 'n Spice Voxbox

I was ecstatic to be able to try these products and see what they would bring to my daily morning routine.


  • NECTRESSE packets

These are sweetened with monk fruit and are zip, zero, zilch calories. I opened a packet and tasted a bit, it does have a different flavor from other sweeteners.  No bad after taste like Stevia, but a distinct lightly fruitly flavor which I guess is the monk fruit?!?  I tried them in my morning cup o' joe and I couldn't tell a distinct difference between my normal sweetener.  I sprinkled a packet on some beautiful, but not quite ripe berries and my daughter ate them before I could try, so I guess they tasted good!  I haven't tried them in baking and probably won't since opening up a zillion packets would be time consuming, but for small sugar needs, I think the packets do the trick!

  • belVita breakfast biscuits
Small and crunchy they are packed with a delicious brown sugar flavor and they are delish dipped in your coffee and my sweet kiddo said they were "very tasty" in her milk too!  I like that they are not just biscuits but are integrated with nutrients and vitamins making them a great choice for a non-breakfast fan, such as myself, to get a healthy start on the day!  I did notice that I was hungry early than usual and craving sweet things, but that could be for a zillion reasons!!

  • Dickinson's Witch Hazel towelettes I honesty was biased towards it to begin with. But they cleaned off my make-up with breeze (please note I do not wear mascara so I can't attest to that).  The smell was slightly medicinal (the witch hazel). My skin felt clean and not irritated or burning.  So I hope they continue to work well as I am always up for new, natural skin care products! 

  • Colgate Optic White
I have to admit I have sensitive teeth so I was a bit leary to give these the ol' college try.  So my husband got too!!! We are an electric toothbrush family so we didn't use the brush, but the taste seemed to be ok for the paste and rinse and he said his mouth was left feeling "clean and fresh".  I hope to come back and update this once he has had a week or two to continue trying.

  • Vaseline Spray & Go
Easy to use, fun, and seems to leave my skin so soft.  The smell is ok and mild, but in researching online, I think I will find a blissful companion in the cocoa butter one, especially this summer-I love cocoa butter!  Just like the commercial shows it is easy to apply and no pumping to worry about.  My husband wonders if there is as much product as a similar weighted pump lotion since it is an aerosol lotion, but I think that residual lotion that hides on the bottom of the regular bottle,  or the stuff that clings to the sides, or is forever lodged in the pump straw kind of equals out! Just an FYI for not leave your kids unattended, don't ask, just let your imaginations take you to the place where a 5 year old girl discovers spray lotion and all it's fun HA HA HA.

DISCLAIMER: These products were provided through the Influenster program from their respective companies at no cost or obligation to me.  These reviews are my own, honest, and not influenced by anything other than my own personal experience. No further compensation, outside of these sent products, has been given.

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