Thursday, April 4, 2013

Why should you live green?

Baby Steps for Green Living

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle
Notice the order ↑

Why do I feel so passionate about trying to live more green?

  • The effects of our over indulgent lifestyle is becoming more and more obvious
  • I want to be a good steward of all I have been given
  • I believe "to whom much is given, much is required"
    • America is one of the most prosperous and wealthy countries, we own more businesses, more cars, more tvs, more -stuff- than any country on the plant, to me this means we should be more responsible, more diligent, more thoughtful towards our effects on the world we share
  • I want my children to see that I take pride, care, and concern for the world and the people who live in it.

I am not a hippie, far from, I am not as green as I'd like to be, but I try.  

It started out with plastic bags, think about it, where do those bags go? 

Here are some websites to check out!
Five years ago I made a pledge to reduce. reuse. recycle and I started small with plastic bags. I switched to reusable canvas bags for shopping-guess what I still have them, I still use them and they are strong, hold more groceries & purchases, and at several stores I get MONEY for using them!!! I also love knowing I am keeping bags from filling up landfills, and polluting the ocean. When I don't have my bags on hand I reuse them as garbage bags or take them to bag recycling centers (which are found at most grocery stores now and Target)

Three years ago I switched to using more enviro (& people friendly) cleaners. I still have some chemical laden ones, but I use diluted vinegar for soooooo much. It is cheap, works great!! I use it to freshen smelly laundry in the wash, to clean my dishwasher, my hardwood floors, my windows, my stainless, my counters- it is great stuff!  I also love Mrs. Meyers cleaners. They smell AWESOME, are natural and I don't worry about leaving chemicals behind on our surfaces!

Two years ago I decided to continue recycling even though curbside wasn't available. I will admit, driving to the recycle center isn't fun and is very much out of the way, but seeing the bins full of recyclable goods reminds me I am not alone on trying to keep our 'stuff' out of the ground and oceans!

This year, I have decided to curb buying bottled water, and HEAVILY limit buying bottle beverages of any kind!  We don't really drink bottled water, but have it on had for guests or traveling, but really why?!? We have a whole house filter and why not use the reusable drink bottles we have on hand when traveling?  There are water fountains nearly everywhere, so I can fill up for free.  We don't drink soda, but keep it for family/friends that visit.  We will do cans from now on, they are more easily recycled in whole.  As of currently most recycling plants can only recycle the bottle and not the lid or the seal ring.  Why is that such a big deal to worry about the seal ring and small lid?!?
Sorry for the graphic picture, but this is what is ending up in animals across the globe

These photos are why we should care.  Every animal was made for this earth for a purpose, even spiders and snakes, two creatures I DESPISE!  We all depend on the animals doing their jobs just as much as we depend on the air we breathe. These animals that we as humans are in domain over, do not know the difference between our waste and their food.  We were given 'humanity' for a reason, to rule over the beasts of the land, creatures of the sea and air.  We should care and do our best to consider our actions.

I don't know if I will have inspired any change in anyone reading this, but I hope so.  I don't live in a van by the river, I don't live in a home made with all recycled parts, or ride a bike instead of a fueled vehicle, but I am trying to make small changes that aren't hard, or difficult, only different in hopes of making a difference.

Remember when thinking how to be green: first try to REDUCE your intake of stuff  REUSE what you have or donate to charities that will  and lastly RECYCLE what you can't reduce or reuse.

Most stores offer reusable bags for $1.  Try buying 1 new bag each grocery visit until your normal grocery purchases fit in the number of bags you have.  Take your bags to other stores like Target, Kohls, Walgreens!!!  Ask if they have bag credits and get paid to bring your bags!  Check out bags online like this site: ReUse It- Shopping Totes

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