Thursday, June 20, 2013

Broadway Nails imPRESS Press-on Manicure


Looking for a quick, easy manicure for an event or special night?  Through the Influenster  program, imPRESS sent me a version of their press-on maincure to try and review.

My thoughts...

I am NOT a girly girl so manicures, pedicure, salons are NOT places I go unless I am picking up a gift certificate for someone else!!!  I don't really paint my nails either so when I say this was easy you can believe me!  I can't say I would have chosen the design or color I was sent but I cannot imagine an easier way to  get your nails ready! I will say they offer a wide variety of colors and some have patterns (like mine) and they come in a variety of lengths too.  

I also learned through the imPRESS website that they offer a pedicure line which, if I can find, I may do for a  quick easy summer look that lasts up to a week!


  1. Open the box and container
  2. Size up your nails to the press-ons
  3. Remove the backings of all the nails (I wish I would have done because it become tricky to if you are not used to nails LOL!)
  4. Place firmly on the nail.
To remove...

  1. Place nail polish remover along the sides, let it sit, then gently peel off.

Overall, I like this product, no glue, no hassle, simple, quick, easy, and many designs, sizes, and patterns.

I say check them out and try them. I doubt you will be disappointed and they are WAAY less than a trip to the nail salon!

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