Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Colgate Optic White Review

Need a toothbrush?

Need whiter teeth?

Well Colgate has you covered with their Colgate Optic White Toothbrush + Whitening Pen

I received one and gave it a whirl.

My review:

The whole setup is fairly simple.  When you purchase it the pen and brush are separated and once opened you simply remove a small plastic cap off the whitening gel and it slides into the base of the toothbrush handle. The toothbrush is ok, I personally prefer my rechargeable vibrating one, I just feel like the extra movement gets my teeth and gums a bit cleaner.  The whitening pen is easy to use, it has a simple turn and click system to load the whitening gel to the surface. I am not sure how well I feel the gel adheres. I followed the directions for the first use and wasn't too confident the gel stayed after the suggested drying time. The second use, I took a clean cloth and dried my teeth prior and felt it may have adhered better and also tried to let it dry for a longer period of time.  I have only used this prior to getting in bed and I think that honestly may work better, I am not too confident that the gel would stay on long otherwise.

Overall, I did notice a bit of whitening, but in the gels defense, I have fairly white teeth as is.  I would recommend this for the price and ease of use. I have seen these at several retail stores with prices at $12.99 for the system. Also there are coupons for up to $3 off floating around on popular coupon sites and coupons on the Colgate site as well.

I have fairly sensitive teeth and did notice some sensitivity issues after day 3, but for me this is nothing new as far as whitening goes.

**I received this system courtesy of the INfluenster program and Colgate, but the review is honest and my own!**

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