Friday, April 18, 2014

Good Deeds for Good Friday

This is a company to get excited about!!

I mean who doesn't love peanut butter?!? (unless your allergic *whoops*)

But if this doesn't make your face swell, you love it right?!?!

Now how much more would you love it if it were say, natural and using only peanuts, organic salt, and organic honey?

To 'sweeten' the deal, this amazing company pledges to give a packed of Good Spread Therapeutic Food to the organizations Mana and World Vision

Good Spread  is such a peanut butter packaging company.  If you buy their peanut butter packet they send a packet of therapeutic food (peanut butter loaded with nutrients, vitamins, and calorie boosting agents)  through their partner organization to starving children across the globe.


BUY GOOD SPREAD HERE:  GOOD SPREAD SHOP or at select Harris Teeter locations

They are feverishly working on having Good Spread available at more , the more support we give, they more support they can give!

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