Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Teacher's Appreciation Week

Looking for ideas...

Here are how some of my Pinterest creations turned out!

Printable Tag found here (I did Photoshop to make them all "teacher")

Remember to give some small token to remind your children's teachers that they are appreciated!!

Other suggestions:

  • Hand picked flowers, store bought bouquet, or potted plant
  • Gift card to local stores (craft, large chain, grocery, restaurant, gas, etc...)
  • Classroom supplies
  • Handwritten note or drawing from your child, a card, a letter from you
  • Favorite candy, gum, magazine
  • Spa day supplies (bath salts, scrubs, etc...)
  • Pedicure kit (files, clippers, nail polishes)
  • Candles or no-light fragrances for room
  • Offer to volunteer and help out
  • Cookies, a favorite meal
  • Handmade craft from your kiddo ( or you!)

Whatever it is, a token of appreciation is always loved and cherished!

**I would gladly give credit to the makers of these tags, but I found downloads on several blogs with various credits given. I did not make the originals, although I did do some modifications, the original works were not my own.**

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