Monday, September 29, 2014

Aveda Smooth Infusion Naturally Straight Review

Through shespeaks I received Aveda Smooth Infusion Naturally Straight  to try and review. The only request, try it 5 consecutive times and be honest.

Well here goes,


*note* this is after wearing in a bun, it is
not usally this 'calm'

I usually do not dry or straighten my hair. It is long, very thick, LONG and it takes forever.  Usually after washing I towel dry, brush it, and put it in a bun or a braid.  If I put it up correctly I can take it down the next day and wear it wavy-ish.  I wear it up a lot during the summer due to the heat and I like to run 3 days a week.  During the winter is where I find my problem.  I can't throw a mass of wet hair into a bun and run. It is just simply too cold and now that we are the farthest geographical northern location I have ever lived in my life...I am not doing wet winter hair! But if I leave my hair down to air dry it looks greasy and flat to my head and some areas are wavy, some are straight, and the frizz, I stop there.

After first use.

I noticed it did straighten nicely with just the hair dryer. Usually I need to also do a quick once over with the straightening iron to fully flatten and de-puff the lower ends of my hair, but it looked pretty good (not flat iron good, but good enough to run out the door for dinner). My hair did feel a bit goopy but I didn't know if it was the product or if the conditioner didn't rinse well.

After second use.

Not much difference, still noticed it straightened well enough to leave the straightening iron in the closet.  I made sure to wash and rinse well and noticed no sticky feeling so the first use, I must have rushed rinsing out the conditioner.

After third, fourth, and fifth uses.

No real difference in these.  My hair didn't dry any faster but I did notice I didn't have to fully dry it to get the straightening effect.  Usually if I leave my hair even the remotest bit damp, it curls/waves right back up and frizzes at the ends, but not so much now!!

After the trial.
please excuse my tacky shirt
just focus on the svelte hair!

I noticed that for the next one maybe even stretch and say 2 washed I could easily dry and brush out my hair to a more straight look, but by the third wash I was back to puff frizz, with some waves in the back.


I do think this product works.  It is a less chemically invasive way to straighten hair IF you have the time to use a hair dryer and if your hair is super curly you may need to use a straightener too.  I think the bottom line is this, if you don't want to chemically alter and potentially damage your hair to straighten it, this is a great product if you have the 'primp' time.  I think the main benefit for me, was that I didn't have to do the straightener and I had less frizz.  I think I could achieve this with other anti-frizz products, but Aveda does have a reputation for hair friendly ingredients and an eco-friendly business. 

Yes, I would, and probably will, buy this product.  I don't think it is the miracle blow out serum, but it does have a little magic in its cute Tiffany blue squeeze tube!  The scent is light but delicious and the product is not heavy, slimy, and doesn't leave a film, residue, or really any tactile presence on your hair.

I would say if you can splurge for the MSRP of $26, definitely try it out along with Aveda's line of hair care!!!

***I was given a full size product from shespeaks and Aveda to try and review, my opinion is my own and is a honest reflection of my personal experience with the product***

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