Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Staying green even when moving!

Here are some ways to stay green when you are moving, be it across town or cross country!


  • gather boxes
    • look at big box stores, grocery stores, and department stores. Ask managers to hold some for you!
    • look on sites like Craigslist and Facebook yard sale sites
    • Ask local moving companies if they discount or giveaway used boxes
  • packing
    • pack up fragile items in towels and blankets. Handtowels are great for dishes, beach towels are great for larger items like picture frames and mirrors.
    • Save up newspapers or ask local papers for old discards to use to wrap items
  • Break down boxes and list them for sale or free pick up. Any boxes that are too fragile to re-use, seek out your local recycling companies for pick up or drop off locations.
  • Flatten out newspapers and include with boxes (if you list them) or recycle

Another great thing to keep kids occupied while you are busy packing or unpacking is give them a set of markers and let them draw on the boxes...we all know boxes are a great toy!!!  Let their imaginations run wild turning a plain cardboard box into a tv, a space ship, a castle, a navy vessel, car, or a submarine! They will still be recyclable when they are finished creating and using their imaginations!

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